Top 5 Coffee Stops in Bath

When you’re walking around Bath and taking in the magnificent sights and landmarks it’s probably fair to say that you’re going to need a coffee stop (or two) along the way! We’re lucky to have an amazing selection of cafes in Bath, spread out all across the city. Here are 5 of our favourite places to refuel…

1 – Green Bird Cafe

We love this little independent cafe! It’s warm and friendly, the coffee is said to be among the best in Bath and the location is fantastic – sandwiched between The Royal Crescent and The Circus. Speaking of sandwiches, their food is amazing as well (and they have awards to prove it!) If you’re walking around this part of Bath it’s definitely a stop you’ll want to factor in.

2 – Taylor’s Bagels & Coffee

What more could you ask for in one boutique cafe?! This place is a real hidden gem in Bath but it certainly draws a crowd. The coffee is incredible (they certainly know their stuff) and the bagels are top notch. Tucked away on London street, it’s handy for anyone staying in the trendy Walcot area of Bath (known as the artisan area) but also worth the short walk if you’re in the city centre.

3 – Boston Tea Party

You may have come across Boston Tea Party in some of their other UK locations but don’t worry if not, as we’re lucky enough to have two in Bath. The larger cafe is at the top of the city, a stone’s throw from The Circus and Assembly Rooms and the original cafe is in Kingsmead Square – perfect for watching the world go by! BTP cafes have great coffee, delicious food and a really friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

4 – Society Cafe Bath

With a selection of the best coffees from around the world, you’ll be spoilt for choice here – and if you need help deciding they can give you the low down. We’re lucky to have 2 Society Cafes in Bath – one right outside the Guildhall (while you’re there, pop into the Guildhall markets) and another in Kingsmead Square.

5 – Wild Cafe

This fun, vibrant cafe is nestled away on Queen St (just behind Milsom Street) and has a great selection of speciality coffees, drinks and food. Famed for their brunch, it’s a great place to start your day and you’ll find it right in the heart of Bath. Keep your eyes peeled for their famous blue bike which likes to make an appearance out and about!